Members area

On this page, you can find our membership form, info on club kit, and the club constitution.

Membership form

Click the link below to be taken to our secure membership form where you will have options to sign up as a club member only, or including England Athletics registration, either as new or transferring from your existing 1st claim club.Prices for membership as follows:

  • Club membership only - £10

  • Club membership + EA 2nd claim - £10

  • Club membership + EA 1st claim - £26 (includes £17 fee for 1 year EA registration)

2023-24 Membership form

After completing the form, our membership secretary will be in touch to arrange payment.

Any issues with the form, or related questions about membership, please get in touch at:

Club Kit

Club vests and t-shirts in a selection of men’s and women’s sizes will be stocked at Up & Running, Teddington.

These are being stocked to allow members to check sizing before making kit purchases directly online during future club kit sale windows. Also, members can purchase the kit stocked by Up & Running if they need kit between these online sales windows.

Kit can only be purchased by current SHAEF Shifters club members.

First, visit Up & Running in Teddington to check stock and test out sizing.

Then, if you would like to purchase kit, you need to contact the Club Treasurer to do so.

The Club Treasurer is currently Ian Fullen.

You should contact the Treasurer stating the item, size and quantity you wish to purchase.

The Treasurer will check that you are a current club member, and provide instructions on making payment for the required club kit.

Payment can be made at the Treasurer’s address in Teddington via a card payment ‘chip and pin’ device, to be arranged with the Treasurer - or by online bank transfer.

Once the transaction is complete and you have made payment for the kit, the Treasurer will provide you with a receipt for the value of the purchase.

The Treasurer will also email Teddington Up and Running with the following information:

  • Customer name (for U&R to reconcile name)

  • Total value of customer purchase (for U&R to reconcile receipt)

  • Items purchased (for U&R to check that the items and sizes collected reconcile)

When you visit U&R to collect your kit:

  • Up & Running will request the customer’s receipt and ID to be presented, to reconcile per above

  • Up & Running will check this against the email they have received from the Treasurer

  • You will be provided with the kit if all elements reconcile.

Up & Running will reply to the Club Treasurer’s email to confirm that the kit has been collected.

Refunds will not be possible, and exchanges will only be possible if the required size is in stock – so try before you buy

Club Constitution

All members of SHAEF Shifters Running Club shall comply with the Rules and bye laws of the club.

We have adopted the standard set of Rules developed by England Athletics for the use of running clubs.

These describe the objectives and ethos of the club, as well as how we are all expected to behave and how the proceedings of the club will be conducted.

Click to read the rules